After 27 years of being in line with every food service professional’s needs, PFS created 4 brand names. Each of them includes a wide variety of products that cover a large spectrum of a business’ needs.


Under our brand FOODMEN you can find handmade pitta breads, in many different variations in dimensions, shapes and flavors. FOODMEN is also our own French fries brand name in which you can find fries in regular cut, with their wedges on or in dipping style.

Farma abelon

You can find our dairy products under the name Farma Abelon. A brand name that reflects our region and values, Farma Abelon is also the name of our delicious feta, a local recipe that can perfectly accompany each one of our other traditional meat products.


A wide variety of salads and sauces can be found under our brand evaResto. Special reference should be made about our deliciously creamy and smooth evaResto mayonnaise, whose fame escalated quickly! All our cooking oils and canned food like mushrooms and tomato sauce can also be found under evaResto brand.


Our region’s biggest city gave the name to one of our most delicious gyros’ recipes. Laryssa gyros is made from 30% pork shoulder and 70% pork belly and is marinated with natural, local herbs. In Laryssa gyros you can find elements that reflect our traditional ways of roasting and grilling meat.